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 JIMAJO mod app

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PostSubject: JIMAJO mod app   6/9/2009, 6:26 pm

What Is Your Account Name (Needed if accepted): Account name is JMAJO and my chars name is JIMAJO ,too

What Time Zone Are You In : dont know waht for a time zone

Have You Had Experience As A Mod Before : Yes, a littel bit but not so much from a friends server.

Please Name At Least 2 Commands (Chat Box): /mod - /unmod, /ban - /unban - /item

Why Do You Think You Should Be Picked For a Mod Spot : Im VERY much online and i love Rose. And i hopei can help much new player
and i can help players they cant speack english (better then me hehehehe)

What Do Mod's Do? : Helping players and and rebug crazy player also say them waht say do or not

When Are You Able To Be Active : Everyday, On normal days Like 5-6 hours and in weekend 10-12 hours


Additional Information (Put anything else you want to add in this part) :

Name = Tassilo
Age = 19
Sex = Male
Location = NRW Germany
Game = WarRose
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JIMAJO mod app
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