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 My Resignation

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PostSubject: My Resignation   6/9/2009, 9:47 pm

Hey guys. well...

after the recent threat from Xtrm2Matt, ive decided to resign

im not afraid of him because he can't touch our server or advertising or anything. but i dont have to take any of this

anything i do for fun does not include getting yelled at form a man i used to look up to and respect more than my own father.


after that threat, i no longer care about him or Arua rose. anyone who can get that upset at me is clearly immature and after the Pimpin scandal i refuse to get embroiled in this.

my appologies, but i have plenty of **** (didnt wanna type that word) going on in my life with my suicidal ex girlfreind, my schoolwrok, my suicidal best freind who almost killed himself because his girl left him, my internet problems, my neighbors roof caved in AGAIN, i have a job, AND we have issues at home.

this much drama was not in the job description, so i am hereby handing my post off to iGod and Cubanito once again.

i cant promise this server is safe from matt, but i promise no video game is worth animosity between 13-19 year old kids. we treat each other like rival warlords.

anyway, ill be in Solarose once again if anyone needs me. my ID is Raskae or Blades i forget which. see you guys around. good luck to War Rose!

if anyone needs to speak with me, my IMs are...

MSN - cmacskier101@hotmail.com

Yahoo - Gunz_Playa1@yahoo.com

AIM - GoProFeestyle@aol.com

so yeah. peace
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PostSubject: Re: My Resignation   6/9/2009, 11:12 pm

What did he threaten to do bro??

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My Resignation
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