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 Neomans lost stuff

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PostSubject: Neomans lost stuff   6/16/2009, 7:54 pm

New account name- neoman711

New character name-Neoman711

Character level before reset 250( iim pretty sure)

Items you lost during reset also what grade for example +5,+6,+7- Hawker level 175 test set +9 chest G7, Mask of lies P7, Ashura mask (in bank) Arch angel wings +9 Saint kruez dual weild +9 P7, Typhoon accessorie set P7, Dimple set +9, Amazing brush +9 T7, Abyss orb +9 T7 Astarot wings +9 P7, and many more i cant think of

money you lost during reset - 400m

stats you had before reset1200+dex, 700-800 int, 600sen( i think) 400-500 con, 200 str

name of the +9 item you want as i promised you
+9 Socketed shadowfall set
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Neomans lost stuff
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