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 Rune's stuffs

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PostSubject: Rune's stuffs   6/16/2009, 11:06 pm

new account name: sacredx
new character: Rune
character level before the reset:
Lvl 213
Items you lost during reset also what grade for example +5,+6,+7:
+9 steelresolve lvl 160 set with slot
Blade of Saint Kreuz +9 with Socket with star agate
Blade of Saint Kreuz +9 with Socket with diamond
Premium Astarot Wings +9 with socket
Mask Of Lies With Socket
money you lost during reset:
1B 758K
stats you had before reset:
Str = 1.5K
dex = 2k
Con = 1.5k
Sen = 1.2k
name of the +9 item you want as i promised you:
Premium hawker LVL 180 Set +9 With Socket
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Rune's stuffs
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