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 KirbyXgun's app mod

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PostSubject: KirbyXgun's app mod   6/25/2009, 9:52 am

my account name is kirbykat my name in game kirbyXgun
time zone i dont know but i liv in westlakei ohio usa
i had exp as a mod on darkneo rose online made by [ADM]NeoMan711
/set i can go on more but i shall not
i should be picked because most of the time im nice sometimes not because when i keep trying to do stuff ppl ask me can you lvl me when i say later theyy dont wait and im cool and help ppl out
im able to be active everyone singal day but if i have a family trip i wont be on for 6 hours or less or im sleeping]
my info is i have 3kats 2 dogs 1 sister 2 brothers and im fun! lol! afro
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KirbyXgun's app mod
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