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 Nairohj MOD Application

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PostSubject: Nairohj MOD Application   6/28/2009, 9:36 am

What Is Your Account Name (Needed if accepted): nairohj

What Time Zone Are You In : Philippines +8 GMT

Have You Had Experience As A Mod Before : actually, this is my first time.

Please Name At Least 2 Commands (Chat Box):
/kick [charname] - kick player from game
/givefairy [charname] [flag] - give/remove fairy (1/0)
/drop [type] [id] - drop an item
/givezuly [charname] [amt] - give someone zuly
/move [charname] [map] [x] [y] - tele someone
/goto [charname] - goto someone
/teletome [charname] - bring someone here
/give2 [charname] [id] [type] [amt] - give someone item(s)
/buff [id] - buff yourself
/item [id] [type] [amt] [ref] [socket] [stats] - get item
/levelup - go to next level

Why Do You Think You Should Be Picked For a Mod Spot:
because my patience is high. . even the players don't like me or they want to get rid of me, i will talk to them and ask why. . and i can also handle and please players because I've been a Guild Master in Ragnarok Online and MU Online. and I'm also friendly and active. i know my limitations ^_^

What Do Mod's Do?
i think. . Mod's are the same how the Game Masters acts or handle players but i can prove anyone that I'm not just a MOD i can also be a friend and a good game guide for everyone. Very Happy i will follow what i will do and what i will not suppose to do. Very Happy so, goodluck for me! cheers

When Are You Able To Be Active :
5-7 hours (weekdays) and 12-18 hours (weekends) this time is random. because I'm in 1st year college now so I'm quite busy with my studies and etc. .
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Nairohj MOD Application
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