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 BuddY's Mod Application

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PostSubject: BuddY's Mod Application   7/3/2009, 9:49 am

What Is Your Account Name Question(Needed if accepted):cali10987

What Time Zone Are You In Question: Philippines +8 GMT

Have You Had Experience As A GM Before Question:yes,because i have a offline rose(cool huh) Cool

Please Name At Least 3 GM Commands:
/tele [map] [x] [y] - teleport
/b - broadcast
/save - save character data
/reload - reload config.ini
/ann [msg] - announcement
/SSPAWN [monid] [min] [max] - startspawn
/SET - setspawnlocation
/ESPAWN [monid] [aggressive] - endspawn
/DSPAWN [id] [monid] [min] [max] [respawn time] [aggressive]- dupespawn
/DELETESPAWN [id] - delete spawn by id
/pak - read packet.txt and send it
/pak2 - read packet2.txt and send it
/level [lvl] - change lvl
/class [id] - change your class, must relog after
/info - show info
/cfmode - /cfmode 0 = clan wars off, /cfmode 1= clan wars on
/pdmg - [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal damage
/mdmg - [damage rate] example 200 thats 2x the normal monster
/exp [amt] - give yourself exp
/mon [monid] [count] - spawn monsters
/kick [charname] - kick player from game
/job [jobname] - finish first job quest
/set [id] [refine] - set full armor to [id] with [refine]
/cha [slotname] [id] [stats] - cha slot to [id] with [stats]
/item [id] [type] [amt] [ref] [socket] [stats] - get item
/levelup - go to next level
/drop [type] [id] - drop an item
/givezuly [charname] [amt] - give someone zuly
/npc [id] - spawn an npc
/givefairy [charname] [flag] - give/remove fairy (1/0)
/move [charname] [map] [x] [y] - tele someone
/goto [charname] - goto someone
/teletome [charname] - bring someone here
/playerinfo [charname] - get player infor
/give2 [charname] [id] [type] [amt] - give someone item(s)
/ban [charname] - ban a player
/ani [id] - do animation
/summon [monid] - summon monstor (to help you)
/reloadquest - reload quest info
/shutdown [minutes] - shutdown server in x minutes
/dquest - debug quests
/iquest [id] <amt> - get items for quest (i think)

Why Do You Think You Should Be Picked For A GM Spot Question:
I should be a GM because i am very helpful, i understand the needs and questions of fellow members. I should also become a GM because I want to change those who do wrong. I should also be a GM because I speak fluent English, so i can easily communicate with those who need help.

Is This The First Server That You Have Played On Question:Nope because i have my offline rose online xD

How Did You Find Out About War R.O.S.E. Online Question:My friend Very Happy (kevin)

When Are You Able To Be Active Question:Friday night,Saturday morning to midnight because im a highschool student now Very Happy


Additional Information (Put anything else you want to add in this part) Exclamation:

Actually im a boy!!!!!! geek
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BuddY's Mod Application
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