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 Miyuki's Apply =)

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PostSubject: Miyuki's Apply =)   6/6/2009, 12:17 am

What Is Your Account Name (Needed if accepted): kawai

What Time Zone Are You In : GMT+9 japan time Rolling Eyes

Have You Had Experience As A Mod Before : no but i'm always online and can learn fast ^^ sunny

Please Name At Least 3 Commands:
/goto + nick
/ban + nick
/tele + Map ID + X + Y X:Y(the coordenate)
/mon + Monster ID + number of mobs that will be sumon

Why Do You Think You Should Be Picked For A Mod Spot : i'm friendly, i helped and still helping more ppl online, i have patient , i'm always online and i'm mature Razz

Is This The First Server That You Have Played On : i played in others but this is the first one that i played a lot of, best server that i found cheers cheers

How Did You Find Out About War R.O.S.E. Online : i found WarRose in top100

When Are You Able To Be Active : i wish say "alldays all the time" but sometimes happen something and i must go out to solve some problems(liek every human Razz Razz )...But atm i'm online all the days lot of hours flower flower


Additional Information (Put anything else you want to add in this part) :

My name is Miyuki, i'm from japan, i speak portuguese, english a litle of spanish and japanese and i'm a mature woman ^^ lol! flower flower

Sorry about My edit just change GM to Mod Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Miyuki's Apply =)   6/6/2009, 4:31 pm

if you want to be a mod, say it. if u want to be a GM, say it. if you post here, you want to be a mod.

mod teaqm is fulla tm, sorry about that. ill lock the section...
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Miyuki's Apply =)
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